So, here are our plans

October 2017
Proof of concept for decentralized APIs = dAPIs

After approximately six months of brainstorming, developing partial solutions and working with a few ICO startups and blockchain oriented enterprises, we came up with the revolutionary idea called “dAPIs”. dAPIs are the next generation decentralized APIs and microservices, which have been designed for decentralized execution in a similar way as DLT is used for decentralized storage.

At that point we knew we stumbled upon something revolutionary.

Proof of concept for decentralized APIs = <i>dAPIs</i>
Q4 2017
Detailed design for dAPI technology

In Q4 we have focused on the development of OpenAPI and Swagger support for Kumuluz APIs and microservices. Furthermore, we have added support for creating APIs and microservices with reactive development practices. This is important, as it is the first step towards truly loosely coupled services that do not rely on operation invocation, but use reactive events instead. We also developed live health check support for better resilience and self-healing of APIs and microservices.


  • DeliveredKumuluz Swagger support
  • DeliveredKumuluz OpenAPI support
  • DeliveredMicroprofile 1.2
  • DeliveredHealth check extensions for etcd and HTTP
  • DeliveredKumuluz Reactive support
January 2018
Project scope defined

The end of the last year was fully focused on planning and defining the new scope of the project. We presented the idea to a few potential customers (blockchain startups, enterprises) and a few of our existing customers and the excitement from all sides was clearly shown. The concept of dAPIs is something that every advanced technology company will need to achieve true decentralization.

The Kumuluz business idea is also a perfect fit for crowdfunding, being backed by technology enthusiasts who believe in true decentralized world. Besides dAPIs, we developed several other concepts to make Kumuluz is a real success in the blockchain world, among others:

  • Marketplace – the app-store for pre-built dAPIs
  • We must not forget about our strong community, that’s also an important driving force behind the project
  • Smart contracts for dAPIs as an innovative licensing and IP management solution,
  • Cloud and Blockchain abstraction layer, which considerably reduces technology-related risks and makes applications mode flexible.
Q1 2018
Developement of Kumuluz technology components

In Q1 we are updating support for OpenAPI and Swagger. We have introduced a new version for configuring microservices, which is a step towards true decentralized configuration. Together with discovery service they provide the foundation for decentrazlization, as through discovery services, implemented in Kumuluz, API and service location becomes irrelevant for the client. We have also introduced metrics to allo real-time runtime metric collection and analysis. This is the basis for analyzing runtime performance for each API and microservice.

We have also started work on introducing Java SE 9/10+ and Java EE 8 support to our framework and are about to release the first beta. Furthermore, we have been working on adding automated testing support to APIs and microservices.


  • UpdatedKumuluz Swagger support
  • UpdatedKumuluz OpenAPI support
  • DeliveredConfig 1.1
  • DeliveredMetrics 1.1
  • DeliveredDiscovery 1.1
  • DeliveredKumuluzEE 2.5.2
  • DeliveredAutomated integration testing with Kumuluz Arqullian Container Adapter
  • Pre-releaseKumuluzEE 3 beta 1
Q2 2018
Initial release of Kumuluz Marketplace

In Q2 2018 we will focus on several important Kumuluz building blocks. Most importantly, we will introduce the first demo of the Kumuluz marketplace, which will showcase how you can find, locate, test, and use dAPIs through our marketplace. We will release a proof-of-concept demonstration for the Kumuluz dAPI Marketplace, which will show how dAPIs can be published, searched, versioned and reused out of the marketplace. We will also extend support for different API protocols, including gRPC and GraphQL. We will add support for Node.js, from which you will be able to use a native library to access config, discovery and other functionalities.


  • Planned Kumuluz Marketplace proof-of-concept demo
  • Planned gRPC support for APIs and microservices
  • Planned GraphQL support for microservices
  • Planned Smart contract abstraction layer for Ethereum beta version
  • Planned KumuluzEE 3 Beta 2
  • Planned Advanced Security Beta 1
  • Planned Fault tolerance 1.1
  • Planned Config 1.2
  • Planned REST client
  • Planned FIAT Payment service
  • Planned Shopping Cart service
  • Planned Crypto exchange integration adapter
Q3 2018
Initial release of Kumuluz dAPI technology and pre-built dAPIs

In Q3 2018, we will continue the development of the decentralized API technology, which is the cornerstone of the decentralization of business logic. We will also develop the first release candidate for the Kumuluz Marketplace and present the proof-of-concept for the cloud abstraction and decentralized file abstraction layer. We will also deliver the stable release KumuluzEE 3. Furthermore, we will introduce smart contracts for dAPIs, distributed tracing and the REST client. We will also deliver Crypto Payment and Invoice services.


  • Planned dAPI technology framework Beta
  • Planned Kumuluz Marketplace RC 1
  • Planned Cloud abstraction layer proof-of-concept Beta
  • Planned Smart contract abstraction release
  • Planned Decentralized file abstraction layer Beta
  • Planned KumuluzEE 3 release
  • Planned Smart contracts for dAPIs Beta
  • Planned Advanced Security Beta 2
  • Planned Distributed tracing 1.0
  • Planned REST client
  • Planned PSD2, SWIFT, SEPA integration adapters
  • Planned SOAP integration adapter
  • Planned Message Queue (MOM) integration adapter
  • Planned Crypto Payment service
  • Planned Invoice service
Q4 2018
Business dAPIs released

In Q4 2018, we will release the first general availability technology for dAPIs to provide stable environment for production. We will also release the RC 2 version for the Marketplace and a new versions of the cloud and decentralized file abstraction. We will follow with the KumuluzEE 3.1 release and present the Blockchain abstraction layer. Furthermore, we will release the beta 2 version for smart contracts for dAPIs. We will also release several services, including the Wallet service, Order Management service, Fulfillment service and Smart contract templates.


  • Planned dAPI technology framework RC 1
  • Planned Kumuluz Marketplace RC 2
  • Planned Cloud abstraction layer Beta
  • Planned DLT abstraction beta
  • Planned Decentralized file abstraction Beta
  • Planned KumuluzEE 3.1 release
  • Planned Advanced Security release
  • Planned ERP, CRM integration adapters
  • Planned Blockchain abstraction layer Beta
  • Planned Smart contracts for dAPIs Beta 2
  • Planned Wallet service
  • Planned Order Management service
  • Planned Fulfillment service
  • Planned Smart contract templates

In 2019 we plan fast expansion on the global market, Kumuluz marketplace being truly alive.


  • Planned dAPI technology framework 1.x
  • Planned Kumuluz Marketplace 2.x
  • Planned Cloud abstraction layer release
  • Planned DLT abstraction release
  • Planned Decentralized file abstraction release
  • Planned KumuluzEE 4 release
  • Planned Blockchain abstraction layer release
  • Planned Smart contracts for dAPIs release
  • Planned IoT/I4.0 integration adapters
  • Planned Billing
  • Planned Subscription Management
  • Planned Smart contract templates
  • Planned Product Catalogue
  • Planned Reporting
  • Planned Revision log
  • Planned Transaction Management
  • Planned Decentralized CMS
  • Planned CDN
  • Planned Document Management Vault service

Want to know more about our final vision? Well, our vision is to make the world truly decentralized. We want to empower every blockchain startup or enterprise to develop their products faster, in the right kind of way. We want to make sure every dApps development team can truly develop decentralized digital solutions on all the software layers.