What is Kumuluz?

Kumuluz is a software platform, which considerably speeds-up the development of blockchain applications, makes applications technology agnostic, scalable, resilient and secure.

First, Kumuluz provides a set of building blocks, which development teams can use for their own applications. Similarly, as new cars are developed using platforms, which allow them to combine different parts, such as engine, transmissions, etc. between different models, so does Kumuluz provide software building blocks that are essential for blockchain applications.

Second, Kumuluz provides abstraction layer, through which your code is not directly dependent to a specific distributed ledger technology (such as Ethereum, …) or a specific storage or database system, etc. This reduces risks for making wrong technology decisions upfront and improves flexibility and adaptability of your code and applications.

Third, Kumuluz allows your applications to be deployed and executed on any decentralized or centralized cloud, without modifications in your code.

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