15 September, 2017KumuluzEETilen Faganel

KumuluzEE 2.4.1 released

KumuluzEE version 2.4.1 just was released. The new minor release includes several bug fixes regarding the new kumuluzee-maven-plugin for uber JAR support.


  • When KumuluzEE is shutting down the uber JAR classloader will wait for other threads to finish and then perform the shutdown procedure.
  • Fixed the Maven plugin copying dependencies to an incorrect directory - now target/dependency, was target/classes/dependency.
  • Fixed the logging implementation in the EeClassLoader to not initialise the Java Util Logging before KumuluzEE itself has the chance to initialize it.
  • Added the missing information of the loaded KumuluzEE extensions in the EeRuntime API.

More details about this release can be found on GitHub.